DJI Sales Support Experience Update

This is a total fail.

Back in January, I blogged about ordering a Mavic flying camera from DJI, a company with plenty of slick marketing materials that make it look as if they have a significant U.S. presence but apparently operate 100% in China. At about the time I had my lengthy online chat with DJI’s support people, I also sent an email message to them asking about the status of my order.

That was January 9, 2017.

On February 13, 2017 — yes, five full weeks later — I got the following response from them:

DJI Support Email

Of course, by this point, I’d already gotten my Mavic. In fact, I got it less than two weeks after my email message to them. It just took them 5 weeks to send me a canned response that provided no help and certainly proved they hadn’t looked into my support request at all.

I’m not the only one who is amazed at the complete lack of sales support from DJI. My friend Jim, who saw and liked my Mavic, decided to buy one, too. He ordered from DJI and was originally told it would ship out within a few days. Later, they changed that to a few weeks. He cancelled the order and ordered from Amazon instead. He’ll have it by the end of the week.

I can’t knock the product. The Mavic is an amazing tool for aerial photography and videography that’s incredibly easy to fly. I blogged a bit about it here. But the quality of sales support by DJI is dismal.

With so many customers in the U.S., would it kill them to open a call center with access to sales info to help its new customers? They must be absolutely raking in the dough on these things — they’re not cheap.

And are we going to be similarly served if anything goes wrong with our Mavics and we need technical support under our extended warranties? I sure hope not.

2 thoughts on “DJI Sales Support Experience Update

  1. This seems reassuringly familiar.
    My first drone was Chinese, of course. It was made by Potensic, I believe. The instruction booklet was in charming and very friendly Chinglish. I bought it from Amazon UK.
    A day later I received an email from the manufacturer telling me to ignore the booklet as the instructions for ‘binding’ drone and transmitter were wrong. I had already worked that out, but thanks.
    I am seriously considering a Mavic Pro like yours but here the price is about twice the cost of yours. I wrote a review about this cost differential but Amazon refused to publish it.
    The first time they have ever declined one of my reviews.

    • Chinglish is always funny. I don’t mind when the wording is screwed up as long as the documentation is thorough and correct. The Mavic’s documentation is correct, but far from thorough.

      It IS expensive, but I think you’re paying for portability. Heck, the whole thing packs up into a tiny bag. Brought it on the airliner with 4 days worth of clothes in a tiny carry-on bag that would have fit under the seat in front of me if Penny wasn’t already there.

      Not sure why Amazon didn’t run your review. Maybe they didn’t think price was a review criteria? Who knows?

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