Amazon Reward Points Scam

Come on folks — don’t fall for this!

I’ve been getting so many of these in email lately that I figured everyone else must be, too. It’s a scam. Don’t click any of the links. Throw it away.

Amazon Reward Points Scam

If was writing to you, they would use your name, not your email address. There is no Loyalty Department. When you point to one of the links, it displays a URL that is not on

If all that fails, look at it logically: are they promising “reward points” or a “$50 Amazon Gift Card”? A real promotion would be clear. Don’t let the placement of a few Amazon logos fool you.

11 thoughts on “Amazon Reward Points Scam

  1. I like the offer of the ‘unsubscribe/opt-out’. Notice the dodgy grammar
    ‘Amazon is a trademark WHO…’

    If these people put this much effort into honest work they could be just as rich but proud too.

  2. Note the disclaimer at the bottom…that “Amazon is not affiliated with this promotion”. I guess it makes it legal, like so many other of these scams. My question is just what they are looking for in the survey? Personal information? It’s sad, but true, in the world we live in today!

    • Hey! Shouldn’t you be writing?

      I don’t even know if there’s a survey at the URL. I didn’t look. But at the very least I’m sure they’re data mining. The disclaimer is likely to prevent Amazon from suing them — but using Amazon’s trademark in their message is probably enough to get them sued.

  3. Hi Maria Langer,
    today I got one similar email from “AmazonReward ” saying “Because you have been SUCH a valued-shopper at-Amazon, we are going to give you-access to a $50-Reward that be used for any-items available on-Amazon!”.
    well, since most of my on-line purchases are through Amazon, I am indeed “valued-shopper”, so I was elated reading that email, but when I came to that “Go here to claim-Amazon Voucher-No….” link, I applied all my brakes! i felt something is fishy. so, i backed out. later i wanted to just cross check on net, googled & came across your page. thanks Maria for sharing your experience & alerting others.
    Kind Regards,

    • I don’t know for sure, but installing and running some kind of anti-malware software on your computer would be a good start. You might also want to disconnect it from the Internet (turn off wifi or disconnect Ethernet) until you know it isn’t infected. Good luck!

    • Also, if the link you clicked required you to log into Amazon and you did (or thought that’s what you were doing), IMMEDIATELY change your amazon password. Then, if you use the same password for ANY other account, change that, too. But do it from another computer in case a keylogger was installed on yours.

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