Helicopter Commute

A video.

I had the Go Pro set up on my helicopter yesterday while cherry drying. It’s the same setup I used last week when I shared my “Orchard to Orchard” video.

The truth of the matter is, video shot while drying cherries is dull. After all, all I’m doing is hovering over trees so that’s pretty much all the camera sees: the tops of trees. Sometimes you can see a clump of cherries or a guy driving a tractor below me. But, for the most part, it’s pretty dull stuff.

Not so with the footage shot while going from orchard to orchard or, in the case of this video, from the airport back to my home under construction in Malaga. Although it’s a 30-40 minute drive — depending on traffic — it’s only about a 3 minute flight. Yesterday’s flight home after refueling was especially beautiful with dramatic clouds that reflected in the glassy surface of the Columbia River. This video covers the entire flight, from pick up to set down. It gives you an idea of where I live in relation to the city, river, and orchards nearby: remote, yet close.

I’m looking forward to the day when I can set down on my landing pad in front of my big RV garage door. At this point, it shouldn’t be too long a wait.

8 thoughts on “Helicopter Commute

  1. That’s a most enjoyable video to watch. It makes me feel that we’ve got the job, don’t we? I guess when you leave the airport, you head for the second highest peek, eh? Nice spread you have there, Maria. Enjoy every day of your life there. The building is really coming along. All the best with finishing that up and moving in. I might just have to get a Gopro. Then again, I’ve been saying that for a while.

    • Thanks, Mike. We DO have great jobs — seeing the world around us from a vantage point few people have, changing that vantage point with a slight movement of our right wrist or left elbow. We’re fortunate and smart enough to know it.

      The building is coming along nicely. Not sure how much further I can take it this year, but I’ll do what I can.

      As for the GoPro, get one. One of these days, you’ll stop flying and you’ll wish you had more images of the places you flew over and the work you did. I have literally thousands of still images from helicopter-mounted GoPro cameras and probably hours of video footage. 90% of it isn’t very impressive, but the remaining 10% wows even me — and I was there.

  2. Excellent video Maria. The camera takes really nice video quality. I’ve only been in a helicopter a few times and it always feels amazing to just lift off and start flying, especially at first when you are moving low across the ground. I got that feeling again watching your video.

  3. Maria. Great video. Thanks. It truely is beautiful and your new home looks more impressive day by day.
    A potential blog subject, perhaps, is your experience positive and negative, with the GoPro? I’ve just been loaned/ given one (hero2) and am learning through trial and error what works and what does not on the R44 for the GoPro…..like two complete hours of the back of the two front seat occupants upper arms when I neglected to add in enough “links” to raise it up enough!
    Your input and experience would be much appreciated at this stage….what mount/ where works best.
    Thanks – Gavin

  4. This video was wonderful. Really great to see. I especially like the approach to your new home. The location kicks ass. Alone but not disconnected. Good stuff. I follow you on Facebook too. Not in a creepy stalker way just to be clear. Pole barn home construction is always fun to watch and I already love helicopters so your situation is pretty much perfect.

    • Thanks very much. It’s a great location — not exactly remote, but extremely private. My home faces away from the road and I don’t plan on putting up a single curtain or shade. And it’s great to have my helicopter at home where I can keep an eye on it and keep it out of the elements.

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