You Can’t Get There from Here

Another Apple Maps fail.

I’m planning a trip to Pullman, WA next Thursday to attend a beekeeping seminar. I got the street address of the college campus building I need to go to in an email message. Under OS X Mavericks, I can point to the address to display a map of its location, like this:

Address in Email

I clicked the Open in Maps link to open the location in the Maps application that comes with Mavericks. Then, because I was curious about how long it would take to make the drive, I clicked the Directions button in Maps. I filled in my current location in the Start box and Maps recognized it as my current location. Then I clicked Directions.

Here’s the result:

Maps Fail

If you can’t read the note on the right, here’s what it says:

Directions Not Available
Directions cannot be found between these locations.

Of course, when I went to Google Maps and plugged the same info in, I got complete directions:

Google Maps

Hello, Apple? How about leaving the mapping to the experts? I never asked for Apple Maps on my phone, iPad, or desktop computer.

The apps you provide with the OS are like tools for getting a specific job done. When you provide tools that don’t work, it’s like reaching for a hammer and having it break when you need to bang in a nail.

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Get There from Here

  1. Probably just where I live, but I haven’t had any issues the few times I’ve used Apple Maps. However, I tend to rely on the built-in GPS in my car. It is easier to use and provides upcoming turn/exit information to the display near the speedometer.

    • I don’t like hardware based GPS systems that often require costly updates for accuracy. When I’m traveling, I usually use MapQuest or Google Maps on my phone, connected to the car’s stereo system. The only reason I used Apple Maps the other day was because it was on my computer and convenient — just a few clicks. I was curious about the distance but would never trust Apple Maps for directions.

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