Google/Blogger Complies with My DMCA Complaint

An update to my recent copyright infringement article.

Last week, I reported finding a pirate Web site that was offering, among other things, one of my books for free download. The site was hosted on the blogspot domain name, which is Blogger’s. Blogger is owned by Google. I sprung into action and began issuing DMCA notices.

Yesterday, I got the following e-mail from Blogger:

Hello Maria,

In accordance with the DMCA, we have completed processing your
infringement complaint and the content in question no longer appears on
the following URL(s):


Please let us know if we can assist you further.

The Blogger Team

I followed the link and, sure enough, the page was missing. I then went to the home page of the site. The site was still up and running and still offering pirated ebooks and software.

I replied to “the Blogger Team”:

Yes, you can assist me further. You can take down the entire site at [omitted] It’s a pirate site that offers illegal access to eBooks and software.

So far, I haven’t gotten any response.

My efforts to get the book file off the file hosting servers were successful. All three hosts removed the file.

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