My Work

These days, I make most of my living as a pilot. But I’m still writing, producing educational videos, and making occasional appearances at conferences and on podcasts.

You can learn more about my work using these links:

  • Flying M Air LLC is my helicopter charter company. I offer Part 135 charter flights, helicopter rides and tours, aerial photo and survey services, and some agricultural services, including cherry drying and frost control.
  • Books is a list of all 85 (currently) books that I’ve written since 1991. Most of them are about using computers.
  • Articles is a list of all articles (other than blog posts here) that I’ve written since 1987.
  • Videos is a list of all videos I’ve published (other than YouTube shorts) since 2006.
  • Appearances lists my conference, radio, podcast, and video podcast appearances since 2007, when I started keeping track of such things. (I also had numerous appearances at the old Macworld Expo in San Francisco, Boston, New York, and Toronto starting in the early 1990s.)