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Fair Use vs. Content Scraping

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It’s the Law

As a writer, I take copyright law very seriously. It protects my hard work from theft by others. If any of my copyrighted work is used improperly without my permission, I will prosecute the offender to the full extent of the law.

If you want to use information on this site elsewhere, e-mail me for permission. It’s more than just a courtesy; it’s the law.

About the Header Images

I am a serious amateur photographer and pride myself on capturing interesting images of the places I visit. I shot all of the photos that appear in the header of Web site pages. Many of these images can be found, uncropped, in my photo gallery, Flying M Photos, where they are also available for sale as printed enlargements. Like the rest of the content on this site, all photographs are protected by copyright.

About the Flying M Logo

The Flying M Logo was designed and executed by Gary-Paul Prince, a San Francisco bay area artist. Gary-Paul also created the animated GIF that appears on this page.

You can learn more about Gary-Paul’s work on his Web site, http://www.gary-paul.com/.