Snowbirding 2018 Postcards: Overnight At Plomosa Camp

After nearly a full month in Quartzsite, AZ, I finally hit the road.

I had waited around most of the day for a package that never arrived and finally gave up at 3 PM. I made one stop to top off my propane tanks and headed north on Route 95. Eight miles up was the turn for the BLM Plomosa 14 day camp area. I drove about a mile and a half up the paved road and then took a right. A while later, I had settled into an area where I was removed from my neighbors and had a good, unobstructed view of the sunset.

I made carne asada for dinner — I had purchased the raw, prepackaged, marinated meat at Blythe earlier in the week. It took only a minute to set up the grill and get the meat sizzling. I had a nice salad with an avocado to go with it. I ate outside, where the sun was quickly sinking toward the horizon and the very warm air was beginning to cool.

Afterward, I launched the drone. I did a live broadcast on Periscope, which is no small feat. It didn’t get many views. When I stopped the broadcast, I took a few minutes to get some aerial photos of the area, including these photos of my camp.

Aerial photo of my camp at Plomosa.

Aerial photo of my camp at Plomosa.

Sunset at my campsite.

I should mention here that if I had planned to stay more than one night, I would’ve driven further into the desert to be farther from any neighbors. As it is, I’m really not that close to other campers, although I am a bit closer to the main road than I like to be.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll get an early start and I head out to Parker, AZ. I’m in desperate need of clean clothes and the laundromat there is both clean and cheap.

If all goes well, I’ll be in my boat on the Colorado River before sunset tomorrow evening. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, it feels good to be back in the desert, away from the freeway, and on the road again.

2 thoughts on “Snowbirding 2018 Postcards: Overnight At Plomosa Camp

  1. I like the evening ‘selfie’ from 200′, with Penny wandering off in the background. Great ‘golden hour’ shot.
    Not everyone has the kit to do that…

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