Snowbirding 2018 Postcards: Silver Jewelry

After practicing for about two weeks, I’ve made the switch to real silver. This is an oval cabochon of polished K2 Granite (yes, from the mountain; yes, the blue spots are natural), wrapped in square and half round sterling silver. I think I’m really getting the hang of this now.

Pendant made from K2 Granite and sterling silver.

4 thoughts on “Snowbirding 2018 Postcards: Silver Jewelry

  1. That is the business! Real skill. The silver wire square/ half round section adds extra interest and demands a precision that you have completely achieved. As Shirley says: “beautiful”.

    (Re: your earlier post on the mismatch between a copper-wired cab and a silver chain. Agreed. Just checked Amazon, they do two types of copper chain for this sort of work. It comes in two metre lengths (6.5 feet).
    The very fine chain comes from France and is nickel-free (la boutique de Karine), Bead Boutique do a cheaper larger link chain for under $5 for 2m).

    • Thanks, Bob! I’m really getting the hang of it now. But I honestly think my results have a lot to do with the stones I choose. I want them to take center stage. I’m just making the frame.

      As for chains, I’ve decided to try leather and have some on order from Amazon. I’m going to make my own matching clasps.

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