Snowbirding 2018 Postcards: Campfire-Baked Yams

I’ve been camping out with a friend along the Colorado River backwaters on the Arizona/California border for the past two weeks and we have had a campfire every night. The other evening, on a whim, I decided to try cooking two yams over the campfire. I wrapped them each in aluminum foil and laid them directly atop some hot coals in our mature campfire. I used a set of tongs to turn them frequently as we chatted for about an hour. When I went in for the night, I brought them in with me. The next morning, I opened one up and found a perfectly cooked yam inside. It was, by far, the most delicious yam I’ve ever eaten.

I managed to repeat that performance with three yams last night. Since last night might be my last campfire for a while — we’re back on the move later today — I figured I’d stock up. I already had one for my breakfast this morning! The skin peels right off. I bet it would taste amazing spread in a toasted bagel.

2 thoughts on “Snowbirding 2018 Postcards: Campfire-Baked Yams

  1. Most of my attempts to do this sort of slow outdoors cooking turn to charcoal but that second photo makes them look yummy.
    You timed it just right.

    • I can’t believe I got it right twice in a row! I think the key is burning a good, hard wood — we used a combination that included mesquite — and letting it burn until there are a lot of good, hot coals. I laid the aluminum-wrapped potatoes right on the coals while the fire was still burning right beside them. And then I turned the potatoes at least once every five minutes, trying to get all sides exposed to the heat.

      I ate the second one last night with dinner. It was great cold. But I keep thinking of a good, New York style, salt bagel with yam spread on it. Unfortunately, I’m at least 2500 miles from the nearest New York bagel store.

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