Autumn 2017 Roadtrip Postcards: Sunrise from Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point is a state park that features an excellent viewpoint for Canyonlands National Park’s canyons. After shooting the night sky before dawn on Thursday morning, I drove out to the point to capture some images and drink in the scenery. Here are a few cell phone shots.

Dawn over the La Sal Mountains.

Predawn reflected light illuminates the canyons.

First light touches the canyons and buttes in Canyonlands National Park.

2 thoughts on “Autumn 2017 Roadtrip Postcards: Sunrise from Dead Horse Point

  1. Great ‘golden hour’ images there.

    That 300 million year old geology is stunning.
    Once formed as sea-level sediments, those massive structures have risen thousands of feet. The strata are still clear and colourful.

    • Thanks. It was a great morning for photography. And the geology of the area of the US between the Colorado border and Hoover Dam is amazing. People think the Grand Canyon is incredible; I think Canyonlands is even more awesome, in the true sense of the word.

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