Autumn 2017 Roadtrip Postcards: Morning at Green River Overlook

This was my second trip to the Green River Overlook in the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands National Park in less than 24 hours. The previous afternoon, I’d stopped by to check the view, but because it faced west, the light was not good for photography. So I returned the following morning. Here’s a cell phone shot; I was lucky to have very nice light. 

Early morning light through scattered clouds illuminates Canyonlands and the Green River’s twisting path.

2 thoughts on “Autumn 2017 Roadtrip Postcards: Morning at Green River Overlook

  1. That’s one of the best cell-phone camera landscape shots I’ve seen, amazing shadow and detail. It really points out that being in the right place and time with the right light often has way more influence on a photographers ability to get a good photo than the specifics of the gear they use. The difference between a good landscape shot and a great one can be measured in just a minute or two, or the passing of a cloud, or sometimes just serendipity. None of that matters unless someone is there to take the shot, of course. There’s no substitute for being there, being aware of whats happening around you, and being ready when it all comes together.

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