Autumn 2017 Roadtrip Postcards: Arches National Park

I spent all of Thursday afternoon at Arches National Park, visiting and revisiting some of the arches and rock formations. My last trip here was at least 20 years ago and it was different than I remembered it. I took two hikes totaling about for miles and saw nine different arches either up close or at a distance. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get back this way, so I tried to make this short visit count.

Here are some of the photos I shot with my Nikon.

They call this valley Park Avenue, likely for the tall rock formations on either side.

Balanced rock, which is clearly visible from the road, looks ready to topple over at any moment. On this trip, I hiked around it; I don’t recall doing that on my first trip to Arches.

I hiked to the upper Delicate Arch viewpoint and wasn’t satisfied with the view. So I kept going until I could clearly see the arch against the sky.

My 300mm lens really brought the detail of Delicate Arch into view. This photo is not cropped.

This view of Landscape Skyline Arch is only a short walk from the parking area.

2 thoughts on “Autumn 2017 Roadtrip Postcards: Arches National Park

  1. Are you sure that is landscape arch? I think it is another one, but perhaps it is from the backside – but doesn’t look nearly wide enough. The usual access to Landscape arch is from the campground parking lot (Devil’s Garden I think?) and it’s about a mile or more in to the viewpoint. When I first visited in 1984, you could hike under it. Now it is getting so fragile that access is limited to only the viewpoint (if you are following the rules that is!. Gorgeous photos in any case – I absolutely love that area!

    • Good catch! You’re right. I did visit Landscape Arch, but this isn’t it. This is Skyline Arch. I’ll fix the blog post.

      And you’re right: after the rocks dropped back in the 1990s, they no longer allow people to hike under Landscape.

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