Autumn 2017 Roadtrip Postcards: Cottonwood Campground 

Drove most of the day from Idaho east into Montana and then south back into Idaho. The stretch of I-90 between Coeur d’Alene and St. Regis (where I refueled and treated myself to a Huckleberry shake) was absolutely stunning with peak fall color. If you live in the area, go for a drive as soon as possible to soak in the beauty. 

I was hoping to get to MacKay where there’s a nice campground on a reservoir that is stayed in before but found a nice one right on the Salmon River about 70 miles north of there. It’s just me and one other camper here. Should be a nice, quiet night. 

I managed to back my rig into a riverside site — no small feat when you’re towing a boat so small you can’t see it in any mirror.

A look down the Salmon River from my campsite.

Finally got a chance to test ride my MATE power-assist folding bike. Long story there.

The sun set behind the hills, but Mother Nature still treated us to a light show.

4 thoughts on “Autumn 2017 Roadtrip Postcards: Cottonwood Campground 

    • Thanks! Sadly, I was only there for the night and left shortly after dawn the next day. It would have been a nice place to relax for a day, though!

  1. That image of the Salmon river reminded me why I love the wild northern US so much. The clarity, the light, the energy of the water.
    We have been there in the spring but never seen those fall colours. Beautiful.
    I try to buy a licence plate from every state I have stayed in. I like the image of the loons on the Maine plate but my favourite is the whacky Idaho plate with a background picture of the Rockies and the strange slogan “Famous Potatoes”.

    Glad you bought the little e-bike. Can you lift that into Mike-Lima?

    • The fall colors are blowing me away this trip, even now that I’m currently in the desert Southwest. It’s mostly cottonwood trees, which grow prolifically near any water source. They’re all bright yellow and rather striking.

      “Famous Potatoes” cracks me up. Grant County in Washington grows more potatoes than Idaho but I guess they’re just not “famous.”

      And yes, the MATE bike will fit in the helicopter. That’s one of the reasons I wanted a folding bike – so I’d have ground transportation when I traveled by helicopter. I’m looking forward to riding it. I’ve been doing a lot of driving on this trip, though.

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