Postcards: Glass Beach

While waiting for a battery to be replaced in my helicopter’s GPS, I got into a conversation with one of the avionics shop guys about my planned driving route along the California coast to get home. He immediately mentioned Glass Beach near Fort Bragg and even showed me a web page about it. 

I visited on Tuesday. It’s a neat little cove on the Pacific where sand-smoothed broken glass washes ashore, forming a beach with more glass than sand. 

7 thoughts on “Postcards: Glass Beach

  1. Strangely exotic….
    Then I found out that those charming clear, green and brown ‘gems’ are actually wave-mashed bottle fragments.
    Fort Bragg’s refuse dump since 1901!

    • Exactly!
      It says on Wiki that people visiting the beach are asked not to remove the glass lumps, but a survey shows that most people do. (I know I would).
      The once rejected is now treasured. (A metaphor for democrats in the USA, perhaps?)

    • I took about ten pieces. But there were people there filling bags with it.

      I don’t think Democrats are treasured yet. Sense hasn’t been kicked into the majority of Trump supporters yet. Wait until they lose their health care. Or we go to war with North Korea.

    • In a Trumpocracy, in which truth has no virtue, absolutely any chaos is possible.
      I would wish you ‘good luck’, but your luck is entwined with my luck too. We live in exciting times…
      Fly safe, be brave.

    • I don’t think they’re exciting times. I think they’re horrendous times.

      I’m expecting another financial bubble to burst soon; I just transferred 25% of my retirement funds from stock-based mutual funds to bond-based ones. I need to weather the next storm.

  2. Maria, closer to you is another Glass Beach at Port Townsend & it’s about a 6-mile beach hike. My dog loved it.

    Also Virginia Beach First Landing, on Chesapeake Bay plus Cape Cod were lovely.

    I find, now that I’ve been to a few Glass Beaches, that I’m very picky about what I take. With me it’s aqua and white and has to be small.

    I’ve watched folks take almost shovelfulls of glass. Kind of makes me sick when I see this. It seems… greedy.

    For me it’s dog bouncing along, the wind, the smells, the waves, maybe some rain, & once in a while, a little treasure.

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