Postcards: Bodega Head

After spending the night in a campsite in Doran Regional Park at Bodega Bay, we drove out to Bodega Head. Wow! What a view!

8 thoughts on “Postcards: Bodega Head

  1. Bodega Bay is certainly one of my favorite spots, and Bodega Head is amazing. You got some glorious photos. Wow!!!! Glad you got to enjoy this special area, especially in what looks like beautiful weather.

    • You know, I was out at Bodega Bay many years ago with my wasband. I remember going on a whale watching trip and not seeing any whales but I can’t remember if we drove up to Bodega Head. If the weather wasn’t as glorious as it was on Monday, I probably wouldn’t remember it anyway. I had absolutely perfect weather for my drive up the California coast. Didn’t turn it raining until today.

  2. I love that view from route 1.
    When we last went to Frisco we drove north to Point Reyes, had a pleasant room at the Seashore Lodge and carried on north. With the sun behind us and a cool Pacific breeze from our left, that wonderful view brings back many happy memories.
    The only downer was when a light aircraft, operated by the police I assume, used its ‘sky shout’ device to warn us to slow down.

    • I like Point Reyes. It’s a long drive, but worth it. I was there two years ago on a whale-watching trip with Meetup group. We saw whales off the coast and I think I blogged about the trip.

      This is a bit farther up the coast from there but the entire California coast is absolutely stunning on a nice day.

      No fast driving for me on this trip. My truck is so top-heavy with the Turtleback on top that it would be suicide for me to speed on those curves.

    • Good photos in that link. Thanks.
      I’ve probably seen those same Gray whales from a whale-watching zodiac off Tofino, later in the year.

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