Snowbirding 2017 Postcards: Colorado River Boat Ride

I’d only intended to spend one night at Willow Beach Campground, in preparation for about a week off the grid in the Turtleback as I make my way to Sacramento for my late winter/early spring work. Recharge batteries, dump wastewater tanks, fill fresh water tank, take a good, long shower. Normal prep stuff.

But when I saw the boat rentals and the smooth surface of the Colorado River at the upper end of Lake Mojave in Black Canyon, I thought it might be good to stick around for another day. And when I realized that the Arizona Hot Springs, which I blog about in another post, might be accessible from the river, I added a day to my campsite reservation. 

(That’s the beauty of traveling without a ball and chain; you can change your plans at any time and not have to listen to anyone whining about it.)

I rented the smallest boat they had for half a day and headed out at around 11 AM with Penny, my camera, a towel, and a packed lunch. I may have been the first power boat up that section of the river that morning — the water was completely smooth and glassy. The canyon started out wide, with lots of water fowl that scattered on my approach. But it soon got narrower and narrower, with canyon walls towering over the water. I had flown over this part of the river several times over the past 15 or so years and it’s beautiful from the air. But it might be even prettier from the water with the canyon walls reflecting on its surface.

Here are a few of the photos I took that morning. I’d hoped to do some exploring on the way back, but I spent too much time at the Hot Springs and had to get the boat back by three. Next year, I hope to bring my own boat on my snowbirding adventures.

3 thoughts on “Snowbirding 2017 Postcards: Colorado River Boat Ride

  1. It looks dreamy, Maria. Photos cannot let us hear the silence of the natural world. But I’m imagining.
    It seems non-cold there. As you probably know just north of the 49th… it’s iced trees, power lines and closed Coquihalla
    Penny is the best companion for you. No chat.

    If no one has mentioned ” the water was completely smooth and less like. The canyon started out wide, with lots of water fowl that scattered on my approach. But it soon got now are aware and narrower, with canyon walls ” but I got the gist.

    • The quiet there was nothing compared to where I’m spending this weekend. But I definitely enjoyed being on the river. I really want to go back with my own little boat so I’m not rushed about getting it back by a certain time. There are plenty of little beaches scattered between sheer canyon walls where camping would be possible. The only challenge is water level fluctuations, which are quite noticeable along the Colorado. I’ve already experienced having a boat left high and dry from an unexpected water level drop. All you can do is wait for the water to come back up.

      Sorry to hear about the cold back home. It got so bad where I live that the water main on my road froze, leaving my neighbors without water. Not sure if it has defrosted yet. But I looked at my weather station’s webcam image yesterday and it sure was pretty out. Almost enough to make me wish I was there. Almost.

      The crazy typos are what I get from using dictation and not properly proofreading. You should see some of the errors I do catch! I’ll fix that paragraph now. Thanks for pointing them out. I suspect that more folks come for the pictures than what I have to say about them. :-)

    • Oh no. Your delightful words are very much part and parcel with your photographs. Word pictures, to be cliché.

      I do like how when you travel and it’s good but could be better, that you’ve already sorted through what to do/have Next time. I like it because I am the same.

      I just finished writing in my own journal… and have since read your dune weekend.. and I said “I like what I like, I eat, dress, travel how I like. But must remember, lulu, to not get Weird about it.” Haha. In my own rut.

      Silence (except for nature) and being somewhere off the beaten track, is treasured and has always been for me a time to refill when my vitality gets depleted. I’m a Learner but sometimes I just like to Be.
      Usually with a treasured pet along.

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