Trump-Branded Hypocrisy

Why aren’t the proud deplorables calling out their idol on this?

I haven’t blogged much about the recent presidential election. Like most intelligent Americans who value truth over lies and can think for themselves, I’m distraught over the results. Wait and see has only made me feel worse.

The way I see it, the American people, with the aid of the Electoral College, have voted in a narcissistic, thin-skinned con man. A crude, tasteless, sexist man who uses, objectifies, and insults women. A bully who has a long history of not paying contractors for work done, has been involved in thousands of lawsuits, and has gone through six bankruptcies. This is a man who sucked so much money out of his casinos that he sent them into bankruptcy. A man who would take money from anyone who wanted to put his name on their building or other product. A man who made dozens of campaign promises he cannot possibly keep, including specific ones like putting Hillary Clinton in jail and building a wall along the U.S. border in Mexico and getting Mexico to pay for it and vague ones like “ending job-killing regulations.”

A friend on either Facebook or Twitter recently asked what was scarier: Trump or his followers. My response was easy: his followers. These are people who can be coached into predetermined conclusions by fake news, bumper sticker slogans, and simplistic images with overlaid text. These are the people who can somehow ignore all the negative, factual information about their idol yet believe batshit crazy conspiracy theories about his rival. These are the people dumb enough to click on and share fake news stories that were written by profit-motivated people to take advantage of their gullibility because conservatives were more likely to click and share than liberals. And although these people accounted for fewer than half of the people who bothered to vote, the Electoral College system allowed them to choose a failed businessman and reality show host who doesn’t know the first thing about foreign policy or the Constitution to be the “leader of the free world.”

Oh, America, how you’ve fallen.

But that’s not what this post is about.

And let’s be honest — this post could be about all kinds of things because since Trump became the president-elect, he’s done hundreds of things to prove how inept, unqualified, and absolutely crooked he is. I could spend the rest of my life writing about them, but why bother? It’s in the news every damn day. This new Russian connection and the way Trump is trying to blow it off as “fake news” is just the latest outrage. Stop watching FoxNews and reality TV and visit the website of a reputable news organization. One that has journalists who actually research what they write about rather than talking heads spinning rumors and spouting opinions as fact. Open your brain and stop letting your Facebook friends fill it with crap. You have no right to complain if you don’t participate in what’s supposed to be a democratic process.

And no, this isn’t about being a sore loser. It’s about being genuinely worried about the future of my country. If you don’t get that, please leave now and don’t come back. Nasty or abusive comments will be deleted before they appear and annoy the more mature, intelligent readers this site is written for.

What this post is about is this photo, which was shared by a friend of a friend on Facebook. While Christmas shopping, she stumbled upon a sweater from Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. She took a photo of the tags at the back neck of the sweater.

Ivanka Trump Made in China Label
Yes, Ivanka Trump’s clothing line is made overseas. So much for keeping jobs in America, eh?

One of the things Trump is always going on and on about is keeping jobs in America. It’s a worthy goal — I’ll all for it! But apparently the Trump family isn’t. Ivanka Trump’s clothing line is made overseas. China, in the case of this sweater.

Do you think Trump’s threatened 35% tariff will apply to Ivanka’s business? Or do you think he’ll somehow create a loophole just for her and his own branded merchandise, most of which is made overseas?

This is a great example — one of many, unfortunately — of Trump’s outrageous hypocrisy. And if you can successfully explain why it isn’t — without mentioning any other company that manufactures overseas — I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Just remember that comment policy. I don’t tolerate trolls.

9 thoughts on “Trump-Branded Hypocrisy

  1. My sympathies. You will have to live with him, we (in the UK) merely observe, in stunned disbelief, the endless incontinent outpourings of this awful con-artist and braggart.
    I await with eager anticipation that first picture of Trump meeting Putin. Where could they possibly meet? Egos that large demand space on a vast scale, an airship hangar, perhaps? Putin must try to avoid being accidentally sat on by Mr. T. While the Trumpster better be careful not to be checkmated by the smarter midget, before the hors d’ouvres.

  2. If you want to make money while selling clothes that retail for < 150 USD, the only way to do that right now is to make them in China. Else your margins will be too small to make the effort worthwhile, and you will be blown off by competitors who invest the boatloads from their china margins into better stores and constantly refreshed designs. Once trump puts in a tariff on chinese imports not just Ivanka's sweaters, but everything in Walmart will be made in the USA. Smart business people make the best of the hand they are dealt. Bill Clinton, George W Dumbass and Obama have destroyed America and built a middle class in China and India on the broken bones of the American blue collar worker.

    • W.
      You make a good point. The rise of the Chinese middle class is an extraordinary phenomenon. They are buying up swathes of London property, often off-plan, before construction. Hundreds of thousands of prime-site condos stand empty as time-capsule guardians of future Chinese pension plans, while homeless Brits sleep on the streets because those on median incomes cannot buy or even rent, a phone box.
      But capitalism knows no boundaries and now even the Chinese are being undercut by the garment industry in Bangladesh.

      Trump is obviously aiming to destabilise the old US / China status quo by recognising the independence of Taiwan.
      Is this a brilliant ploy to justify future tariff increases (as you imply) or just the flailing meanderings of a one-eyed club-footed giant with a hangover?

  3. Well said, as you always do! I am so disgusted by Trump’s ideas and past actions performed throughout his entire life that I just cannot stand to expose myself to more. I hate to say it but I am glad I’m as old as I am and won’t have to experience the disintegration of our democracy. He and his followers remind me of Jim Jones and their stupid beliefs evidenced by the Jonestown massacre– followers who don’t use their brains and choose to listen to hogwash and then to act on those untruths. No better than the followers of ISIS.

    • I know exactly what you mean and although I’m not quite your age, I feel pretty much the same way. Just hoping things hold out for another 20 or 30 years — after that, it won’t matter to me. No kids to worry about, thankfully.

      And yes — they are brainwashed. Like ISIS followers. They just haven’t strapped on suicide vests yet. I guess it’s because their idol hasn’t told them to.

  4. Hard as it seems, I council patience. Trump the campaigner promised more than any president could possibly deliver, by orders of magnitude. In the end he will disappoint nearly as many “conservative” supporters as he has “liberal” detractors before he either quits, is impeached, or otherwise leaves office. Though it is surely the liberal/progressive’s turn first to be infuriated by his inexplicable and contradictory decisions and policies, I have faith that his narrowly limited intelligence and minuscule attention span will result in a wide range of unintended consequences hurting those on BOTH sides of the political divide. And in answer to your original question, the ones to worry about are neither Trump himself OR his followers. The people to worry about are the chiselers, grafters, and confidence men that he is filling his cabinet with. Those are the ones that have the axes to grind, the agendas to pursue, and the special interests to answer to. None of those agendas are to benefit the common good, only the interests of the rich and super-rich. Most of Trumps present supporters will eventually see through this scam, but by then a lot of the damage will be done.

  5. This. Many of T’s product line have come from overseas. He keeps saying he wants to bring back jobs from overseas. If this is true, he himself should’ve done it a long time ago. Why people keep believing that BS is what I don’t understand!

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