Spring Day from My Deck Time-Lapse

A windy spring day.

I set up my GoPro on a tripod on the deck outside my bedroom door for a time-lapse on Monday before dawn. Unfortunately, Monday was a rather ugly day — cloudy and kind of dreary. The resulting time-lapse would not have been share-worthy.

So I left the GoPro running and captured enough images for a 4 AM to 10 PM time-lapse on a much prettier — but windier — day. Can you see the point where the wind blew over my tripod? (I deleted the shot of my deck roof.)

Should have set this to music but I didn’t. Sorry!

I’ll try this again in a few weeks with the image zoomed in a bit. I thought I’d set it right for this one, but apparently I didn’t.

4 thoughts on “Spring Day from My Deck Time-Lapse

    • I’ll see what I can do. :-) I think tomorrow I might do a video about my deck construction. I’d do it today, but front deck is in shade after noon and I’d rather do it with the sun on it. Just finishing it up now.

  1. I like the clouds. Some of them appear to be forming in the sky not too far from the front of your house and then zooming past over the roof. It’s like a magic trick.

    • Clouds are usually cool in time-lapses. I especially like when they start going in one direction and change direction in the middle of the movie.

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