What’s Blooming on March 16, 2015

The wildflowers have begun to bloom.

This is my first early spring living on my property — last year I house-sat locally until February month-end, then went to California for two months — and I’m glad to be able to see how the season progresses. Already I’ve seen apricot trees down on West Malaga Road in bloom; the cherry trees shouldn’t be too far behind them.

Up here at the base of the cliffs in Malaga, I’m starting to see wildflowers. I took a short walk around the two or three acres closest to my home and found four different kinds of wildflowers in bloom. I looked them up in my WA State Wildflower app; here’s what I think they are.


Very tiny white flowers. These are widespread — I saw them almost everywhere I walked.

Trumpet Bluebells

Trumpet Bluebells
According to the wildflower app, these shouldn’t be blooming until April!


I’m not sure about this one — and the blurry photo doesn’t help. It’s either biscuitroot or desert parsley. Either way, it shouldn’t be blooming until April.


Balsamroot are among the first large flowers to appear in this area. They are perennials and grow quickly. I have a bunch of them growing by my Lookout Point bench and more on the east side of my property. Only a few flowers so far; in a week or so, they’ll likely be in thick bloom.

More to Come

I’ll try to get out at least once a week to catalog what’s blooming here. It’s wonderful to see flowers so early in the season.

One thought on “What’s Blooming on March 16, 2015

  1. All the photos are good, and as I’m new to your site I am taking them slowly. They deserve serious attention.
    My reflections so far…
    Barn Roof, Trumpet Bluebells and Winter in Bryce are stunning images.

    We have done the tourist pony and mule rides in Bryce, in high summer. It was 90 degrees plus. I was on ‘Tuffy’ (mule) my wife was on a pony called ‘Coot Berry’.
    Tuffy climbed down the canyon and back without protest. He was a sure and steady star. There were steep drops sometimes, and we Europeans like plenty of bridle contact to a snaffle bit, when riding. The western style of neck-rein pressure only, seems too casual, but Tuffy knew the way….
    That cold image of Bryce is a wonderful contrast.
    Thanks for your work.

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