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A new monthly column.

AOPA LogoJust a quick note to let regular readers and visitors know that I’ve begun writing as a regular contributor to AOPA’s Hover Power blog. My first post appeared yesterday: “Maximum performance takeoffs and judgement calls.” My second post is already in the hopper for next month.

Hover Power is AOPA’s attempt to provide helicopter-specific content for minority pilots in the “A” of AOPA: aircraft pilots who fly helicopters. Although the blog got off to a reasonably good start, there was a short spell where there was a definite scarcity of new content. The Editor there has been working hard to get a good staff of pilot/writers together. I’m thrilled to have been asked to join the team.

I hope you’ll stop by and check out what we’ve shared with you. And don’t forget to comment.

And don’t worry — I’ll continue providing helicopter-related content here once in a while, too.

8 thoughts on “AOPA Hover Power

  1. Nice article Maria. I survived 10000 hours rotary by being aware of the dangers of showing off. The Robbo autorotates like an anvil with low airspeed!

    • I’ve done enough practice low speed or no speed autorotations (from altitude, of course) to know that I never want an engine failure when I’m operating at low speed any higher than about 5 feet up. My cherry and frost work require me to operate in the deadman’s curve, but I’m certainly not about to do that with passengers on board. Old pilots and bold pilots, eh?

  2. Good article. =)

    The thing that irks me a bit is that as helicopter pilots we seem to get lost. AOPA is for pilots, but we’re in the minority. And while HAI does have pilot memberships, it was setup for operators.

    • Thanks!

      The same thing has been irking me for some time now. I dropped out of HAI because they don’t seem to do anything for pilots — or even small operators. All they care about is the big guys. And a OPA is mostly for airplane pilots. Vertical is a good helicopter-specific resource, though.

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