IRS Tax Payment Rejection Scam

Are people really this stupid?

I got an email message from “” today claiming that:

Your federal Tax payment (ID: HF2IRS598523201), recently sent from your checking account was returned by the your financial institution.

For more information, please download notification below. (Security PDF Adobe file)[REDACTED].php


Are people really stupid enough to click a link on a site based in the UK for an IRS tax issue? Are people really stupid enough to click a link to a PHP file that’s supposed to be a PDF file?

Here’s a copy of the message. If you got one of these, “raise your hand” by posting a comment below. I’m curious.

And spread the word; you have no idea how much it irks me that scammers are preying upon people dumb enough to believe crap like this.

Tax Scam Email

4 thoughts on “IRS Tax Payment Rejection Scam

  1. I’m just sitting here shaking my head. So pathetic.

    They’re just hoping for at least one person to not pay attention to the URL. You and I know better, but not everyone does. So it’s good that you’re posting this… maybe it will help increase awareness.

    This really “fries my taco.” So irritating.

    • What’s interesting to me is how many people find my posts about this through Google Searches. They think it’s a scam but they’re not sure so they search for key words or phrases and they find my posts. I think that’s why I keep writing about these scams — just to be the voice of reason that convinces uncertain people not to do something dumb.

  2. Maria, I get them all the time. At first they were pretty obvious to the watchful eye, but there is so much personal information on all of us that hackers have come into possession of that even when I get an email from Paypal that seems super legit, I open a new browser and type in the Paypal URL myself. NEVER, NEVER click on a link unless you are expecting it. The scammers no longer all use poor non-English grammar and seeming like someone from Nigeria. The new breed can duplicate a website capable of fooling someone from inside the company being copied. These basics should be taught to everyone using a computer.

    Maria, someone needs to make a video for youtube with the title “Don’t use a computer until you see this!”

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