Wenatchee Sunset Flyby

More video from my GoPro nosecam.

I took the helicopter up to Tsillan Cellars on Lake Chelan with some friends for dinner yesterday afternoon. After an excellent steak (but sadly, no wine for me), I flew us back along the Columbia River. There was a nice sunset with lots of pink in the sky and the river was dead calm, reflecting the sky back at us as we flew along at about 500 feet above it.

Wenatchee at Sunset
The lights of Wenatchee at sunset. Screen grab from a GoPro video.

The lights were on in Wenatchee by the time we reached it. Rather than take a direct route from the Rocky Reach Dam to the airport, I did a downtown flyby. My GoPro Hero 3, mounted on the helicopter’s nose, captured the whole thing.

Got three minutes? Take a sunset flight tour of Wenatchee, WA:

5 thoughts on “Wenatchee Sunset Flyby

  1. Hi Maria, excellent video! Could you tell me what settings you are using on your gopro? I own an Enstrom and am having a heck of a time attempting find a good setting for quality video with minimum jello effect. I am experimenting with various hard mounts but the settings are an issue. Thanks!

    • I’m shooting Medium at 1080p. 720 often does better. But it’s all about the mount. The camera needs to be as close to the aircraft frame as possible, attached tightly so the camera doesn’t vibrate much. Good luck.

    • Great, thanks for the input. I think I’ll be experimenting for a while with a few different hard mounts on the aircraft.

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