Construction, Day 26: Deck Framing Begins

A short day with a new work crew.

On May 20, 2014, I began blogging about the construction of my new home in Malaga, WA. You can read all of these posts — and see the time-lapse movies that go with them — by clicking the new home construction tag.

It was nearly 11 AM on Tuesday when a new work crew showed up. Angel and his crew, who had done most of the work, had started a job up in Winthrop, about 90 miles away. The last time I saw Angel, he’d told me about how they camped out up there and partied every night. Corey told me they went fishing, too. It seemed like a lot more fun than they’d had at my job site.

This crew would be framing out the deck. They arrived, spent some time waiting around for the boss, got the directions they needed, and got to work.

Rainier and Bings
Because Bing cherries are not self-pollinating, they are often planted with another cherry variety; in this case, Rainiers.

I was out again so I missed most of the action. I spent the morning with Gary, a pilot who was working for me in Quincy, and his wife Lori. We’d gone out to an early breakfast and then toured an orchard while picking was going on. My client met us there and said some nice things about me to my companions before answering all their questions about growing cherries. Afterward, we tried to take the boat out but it was having battery issues; I guess it’s time to replace Ron’s battery.

The time-lapse camera was running, and that’s how I know how long the workers were here and what they did. It was a short day and they didn’t get much done. But they did start work on the side deck; work on the front deck has to wait until the two missing pieces of metal arrive and are installed.

Here’s the time-lapse:

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