Facebook Crosses the Line. Again.

Facebook is now posting advertisements from my account.

Yesterday, a friend sent me an email message that included the following shared Facebook update:

An Ad I didn't Write

Yes, it’s a Facebook update apparently written by me that is promoting a magazine I don’t read or care about. This appeared in one of the groups on Facebook that I’m a member of.

When I clicked the link to see the ad for myself, Facebook prompted me to log in with my friend’s account information. It actually filled in the user ID field with his account name.

I was appalled.

Let’s look at what’s going on here: this is a Facebook update that looks like it was written by me to promote a product I don’t care about.

Is it unreasonable for me to be outraged?

And yes, I checked the Facebook Ad settings. This is the only one that seems as if it should apply and I’ve got it set to No One, meaning no one can see my name attached to any advertisement:

Ad Settings

Why has this happened? How many other times has it happened? Is it happening to your Facebook account, too?

How many more liberties will Facebook take with our privacy in an effort to maximize their bottom line and bombard us with advertising?

6 thoughts on “Facebook Crosses the Line. Again.

  1. OMG. I’m outraged. I haven’t seen this before… a whole combination of wrongness. Agh.

    And yes, I would have thought that specific FB setting wouldn’t allow that at all in any form. Oh, no….

    • You have no idea how pissed off I am about this. Although someone suggested that it was a computer glitch, the fact that something like this can even happen as a mistake is horrifying. What if the ad was for something embarrassing, like hemorrhoid cream? Do you think I’d want screen shots of that circulated around the Internet? This is yet another wake up call, making me wonder why I participate in a social network as screwed up and idiotic as Facebook.

  2. My guess (this is supposition, based on long experience with FaceBarf©®™) is that the ad was generated because of your participation in the HIP group rather than your personal ‘settings.’

    In other words, FaceBlab©®™ used your participation as member of the HIP group (as opposed to your personal FB profile) to justify the ‘endorsement’ generated in your name.

    [read with sarcasm]
    Gotta love FaceBunk’s©®™ logic. Whatever it may be.

    • You know, it’s one thing to have an ad and say that I like it, but it’s another to have an ad that apparently came directly from my account as a Facebook update. I’m really angry about this!

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