Construction Day 12: Framing Windows, Adding a Floor

Prepping for the home stretch.

On May 20, 2014, I began blogging about the construction of my new home in Malaga, WA. You can read all of these posts — and see the time-lapse movies that go with them — by clicking the new home construction tag.

I was out most of the work day yesterday. I took my little boat out with Penny and some friends. We put in at the boat ramp by Pybus Market, drove up to the Rocky Reach Dam, and drifted back downriver at 5-1/2 miles per hour, chatting, eating, and, in the case of my friends, drinking a nice Pino Gris. (I’m on call so drinking before sunset is a no-no.) Afterwards, I met with the owner of Pybus Market about setting up a helipad there for trips from Cave B Inn. Then I stowed the boat back in my hangar at the airport and bought a small concrete box with a lid before finally getting home at 3 PM. Another busy day!

When I got back, I saw that the crew had made a ton of progress. They’d fully framed out nine of the building’s 20 windows: the five shop windows and the four peak windows. Then they’d spent the rest of the day putting in 3/4 inch plywood sheets for the base floor of my living space. This is a huge step forward in the project, not only because I can finally “go upstairs” to get the feel of my future home but I also have a huge shady space over my future garages to get my woodworking projects done. With sun temperatures roughly 20-30°F warmer than shade temperatures, it’ll really extend the amount of time I can spend working outdoors.

Day 12
If you’ve got sharp eyes, you can see where they framed out some of the windows in the shop and on the vertical wall of the high roof. You can also see them putting in the floor of my living space. (And yes, there is still snow on the mountains west of my home.)

Floor Going In
I climbed a ladder to take a peek at their progress on the floor when they were almost done.

While I was out, the metal for the roof and side walls was also delivered. According to Angel, they’ll likely finish the roof on Monday. He asked me if it was okay for them to come as early as 6 AM. No problem for me; I’m up before dawn every day. It’ll be better for them to work earlier when it’s still cool anyway. I suspect a different crew will handle the roof while Angel’s crew continues working inside.

Metal for my Building
Hard to believe that this is all the metal that will cover my building. The top sheets are scrap for protection, not my color choices. I’ll save them and use pieces for my chicken coop roof and other small projects I might have.

On Monday, they’ll also frame out the rest of the windows and doors and build the stairs.

I hung out until they were finished with the floor. I needed help getting the darn concrete box out of the back of my truck. They used a forklift. The box will become an oil/water separator that I need to satisfy the county for my RV Garage/Shop floor drain. I’ve got a DIY solution that I’ll likely be blogging about when I get it finished.

Want to see a time-lapse for the day? Here you go!

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