Construction Day 11: Framing Second Story Floor, Garage Doors

A huge amount of work done.

On May 20, 2014, I began blogging about the construction of my new home in Malaga, WA. You can read all of these posts — and see the time-lapse movies that go with them — by clicking the new home construction tag.

I was out for a good portion of the work day, with a hair appointment in the morning and a meeting with the concierge at Cave B Estate Winery at lunchtime. While I was gone, the three-man work crew buzzed through piles of lumber, fitting them like puzzle pieces into the frame of my future home.

In looking at the time-lapse (below), I could clearly see the order in which the work was accomplished. First, they laid in the remaining beams for the second story floor. Then two men added girts to the front and back of the building while the third finished framing out the floor. They took a break for lunch and then the two continued adding girts, this time to the garage side of the building while the third man framed out the garage doors.

Day 11 Work
The “well-oiled machine” was working in peak form on Wednesday, framing floors, garage doors, and exterior walls.

They were almost done for the day when Tanya drove up. She wanted to review the window placement with me and Angel, the lead worker. We talked about it first, then walked around the building with Angel, who made notes in pencil right on the girts. It wasn’t until then that I realized my building would have 20 windows — not including the ones in the garage doors.

The next step will be framing the windows and getting the plywood on the second story floor. Once the windows are framed, they can be installed. Once the floor is finished, the stairs can be built. After the windows comes the metal roof and skin of the building — the metal was scheduled to be delivered the next day. The additional windows for the shop area would arrive Friday. Somewhere along the way, they’d add the poles for my front deck and put in the concrete pad. The garage doors would be last.

That’s my understanding of how the job would finish up. At this point, I’d say they’re more than halfway finished.

In 11 days.

Here’s the time-lapse for the day. I think this is one of the most interesting ones in a while. So much going on that its difficult to keep track of it all!

What do you think?