Rescuing an Ugly Bench

Ugly, but functional — and now not even ugly anymore.

My Little Shed
Inside the shed was a silly little bench.

When I bought my storage shed back in November 2013, tucked inside it was an ugly bench. The shed had been used at a school and the bench appeared to have been a shop project later painted with school colors. Even the guy who sold me the shed didn’t know it was in there. And he had no interest in taking it away with him.

With the help of a friend, I moved it from my future building site to a point along the northwest side of my property, right before the land drops off into a little valley. It’s the place on my property with the absolute best views — 270° that take in everything from Mission Ridge to downtown Wenatchee to the East Wenatchee Bench to the mouth of Lower Moses Coulee. I’ve since christened that point “Lookout Point.” I go out there sometimes in the evening to sip wine and watch the light change over the valley.

Lookout Point
The ugly bench at Lookout Point.

I solved the bench ugliness problem the other day with a very simple solution: paint. I chose the same sage green I’ve been using for other projects around here — a color that’s calming and blends in with the terrain.

And then I dug one of the two lounge cushions I had in storage out and fastened it to the bench. It’s not exactly right, but it does work. (I think the pattern is pretty dull and lifeless. I’ve since put them up for sale on Craig’s List and will buy one that fits the bench better.)

Lookout Point Bench
The not quite as ugly bench at Lookout Point.

Again, reusing is better than recycling, especially when something has plenty of life left in it.

4 thoughts on “Rescuing an Ugly Bench

    • Thanks, Shirley. I’m going to get a different cushion. I really don’t like this one. Also, I think a cushion for the back would also help. I spent an hour out there before sunset with a book and Penny. Very pleasant place to hang out, especially if the wind isn’t howling. (Too windy this afternoon.)

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