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The best of both worlds.

On May 20, 2014, I began blogging about the construction of my new home in Malaga, WA. You can read all of these posts — and see the time-lapse movies that go with them — by clicking the new home construction tag.

The windows arrived at my building site this afternoon. They left them stacked in two groups against what will soon be my shop wall.

Even though I didn’t pick the windows out of a catalog, they’re perfect! I described what I wanted to the ever-patient Tanya at Western Ranch and she ordered them. It couldn’t be easier.

New Windows
My new windows are exactly what I wanted.

Three of the windows in my old house in Arizona were 4 x 8 sheets of glass that didn’t open. They let in lots of light and nice views to the northeast, but no air. And, sadly, because two of them weren’t shaded on the outside, they also let in a lot of heat from the brutal Arizona sun. Indeed, we had to keep blinds closed over them during the morning hours from the first day of spring to the first day of autumn. Such a shame.

These windows are 4 x 4 square, double-paned glass with 1 x 4 sliders at the bottom. I wanted to look through big windows at my big view. I didn’t want to look through a screen or a sash. But I wanted to be able to open every window to let fresh air in.

These windows give me everything I wanted. There are 11 of them for my living space, along with two glass doors. The seven windows and one door facing north will also be shaded by the roof of my deck, so even in the summer, when the sun creeps far to the north, I won’t have to worry about direct sunlight radiating heat into my living space.

I’ll be letting in lots of light and air and a nearly unobstructed look at my wonderful view.

The further along we move with this project, the more excited I am about what’s to come.

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  1. I like that style of window. I went with casements when I built my house and had to pay extra for the retractable screen that keeps the view clean when the window is closed but the bugs out when it is open.

    • That sounds like a neat window, too. I really hate looking through screens. And I certainly don’t look forward to cleaning even the small ones I’ll have.

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