Airport Life: Today’s Drop-In Surprise

You never know what you’ll see out your back window.

Just a quick post to share a photo of the view out my RV’s back window this morning. The mobile mansion is parked at an airport in the Sacramento area. I’ll be living here for the next 7-8 weeks on a frost contract for almond orchards in the area. I’ll tell you more about that in another blog post when I get time to write it.

This Morning's Drop In Visitor
Look what landed in my “backyard” this morning.

The airport I’m living at isn’t very busy at all — despite the fine weather. But this morning I was very surprised to see a big hot air balloon just miss the hangar behind the mobile mansion on a descent to a field near the airport office. The crew was already onsite when the balloon landed with only a bit of ground run. I got some pictures as it came in.

Once it was stabilized and the balloon deflation begun, at least 20 people climbed out of the huge wicker basket. Penny and I went to greet the passengers and chat with the pilot while the crew worked to stretch out the balloon on the dewy grass. My chat with the pilot was fruitful. Looks like I’ll be swapping a balloon ride for a helicopter ride one day soon.

Other balloons were on their way in, but approached too high and ran out of room before being able to land on the airport property. They climbed up and drifted off to the north, one after another. I suspect I’ll see them again soon.

What do you think?