Sales Force Email Scam

Yep. Another one.

Here’s another attempt to get unsuspecting people — in this case, business owners — to open a file that will likely install malware on their computer. This one supposedly comes from and has a ZIP file attachment. It was addressed to my Flying M Air business email address and includes a link to my website. Keep in mind that my business email address is quite generic and could have been guessed by the sender.

The complete message is shown below.

Sales Force Email Scam

Once again I need to remind everyone who might be taken in by emails like this: don’t open any file attachment that you are not expecting, especially if it comes from a person or organization you are not already doing business with.

3 thoughts on “Sales Force Email Scam

  1. Geesh… this is nuts. I shudder to think what opening that .zip file would do to someone’s computer. Agh.

    I really don’t get why people create computer viruses and try to wreak such havoc. I truly don’t understand it (I’m not being sarcastic here).

    • It doesn’t end. I got another one, supposedly from Evernote, today. They’ll keep trying because there’s always someone dumb (or just ignorant, which isn’t the same) enough to fall for it.

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