Picasa Library Photo Scam

Another one. Or two.

Another heads up on a phishing scam. This one comes in the form of an email message from “Picasa Library” or “Picasa Photo” that’s marked Urgent.

Pointing to the button in my email message window (see below) clearly shows that the link doesn’t go to Picasa (a photo sharing site) at all. It’s just another scam — another attempt to get you to go to a site and enter login information or download a virus.

Picasa Email Scam

It was pretty obvious to me that it was a scam, mostly because I don’t use Picasa and certainly don’t have 76 photos on the site. But if you do use Picasa? And had just uploaded a photo? You might be fooled.

Don’t be.

5 thoughts on “Picasa Library Photo Scam

    • Not necessarily. But if you think you do, you should take it to someone who can help you get rid of it.

      The point is, you should NEVER click a link in an email message from someone you don’t know or a link you don’t expect.

    • I thought someone upload my photos … so I scared thats why I click the button the blue one ..

      so they will stole my information ? do my laptop now need format ?

      Thank you for your reply

    • There’s no way for me to tell whether or not your computer has been infected. Take it to the Apple Store or some other expert who can tell you.

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