Trouble Reading the Fine Print? Try This.

A life hack for those of us in a certain age group.

SmartDriverThis morning, I faced the challenge of finding the model number on a charger for my Black and Decker SmartDriver screwdriver — AKA, my girlie drill. The charger — which also doubles as a base for holding screwdriver heads — was zapped by a power surge and I needed to replace it.

I held the little box on the end of the cord in my hand and looked at it. I could see there were words there, but I couldn’t begin to read them.

I put on my +1.50 readers. No joy.

I used the Mag Light app on my iPhone to give me an enlarged view. Now I could read the all-important model number, but I couldn’t keep the image still enough to get all the characters.

So I took a picture of it with my phone, being sure to let the camera lens focus on the text. Then I viewed the photo on my phone and zoomed in to the model number information. There it was, clear as day, motionless, easy to read.

Charger Photo
First, use your mobile device to take a photo of the item you can’t read.

Zoomed Photo
Then, zoom in to see the details of what you can’t read.

Technology is our friend.

Now I guess it’s time to get the +2.0 readers. Or maybe +2.50?

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