Fraudulent Credit Card Charges at Tim Hortons in Canada

Have you seen this, too?

On Friday morning, I was having breakfast in Lincoln City, OR when American Express called me. Or maybe I would be more accurate to say that a machine at American Express called me. It wanted to verify charges on my credit card bill for possible fraud. I got a person on the phone and soon learned that my credit card had been used to make charges at a store in Canada. I haven’t been to Canada for some time and the charges were obviously fraudulent. American Express removed the charges from my account, cancelled my credit card, and popped a new credit card in the mail for me.

The whole process took only about 10 minutes.

Tim Horton Fraudulent Charges
Here’s part of my online statement with the fraudulent charges and foreign transaction fees highlighted. Interesting how they all seem to be for different Tim Hortons locations and all processed around the same time.

Today, while updating my Quicken records for my personal finances, I tried to download American Express data. The download wouldn’t work because the account number had changed. So I logged into the American Express website to look for the new card number. That’s when I saw nine more charges for the same company, along with nine foreign transaction fees.

Apparently, whoever made a fake credit card with my information on it has connections with the Tim Hortons restaurant chain. My card was used to process nine transactions for $145 to $150 each — all on the same day: September 26, 2013. Each charge also incurred a foreign transaction fee. The total of all this was over $1300.

Of course, I called American Express and talked to their fraud people. These transactions were immediately removed from my account, so I don’t have to worry about any liability. Another 10 minutes.

I don’t know when/where my account information was stolen. My card is always in my possession — unless I’m using it for a transaction. Either one of the companies I shopped/dined at has a crooked employee who stole the information off my card or someone has a computer program that’s able to generate valid credit card number/expiration date/CID combinations and one of them happened to be mine.

But I’m curious: if you’ve found this post through a web search, have you also been hit with fraudulent charges to a Canadian Tim Hortons? If so, please take a moment to comment with the number of charges, the type of card, and the approximate total amount of the charges.

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  1. I have not had any fraudulent charges to my Amex account. I was about to enter my card # in a Amex / Tim Horton’s Canada offer. I was wondering if it was a real offer or a scam so I googled it and found your post. I guess I won’t be registering for the offer just to be better safe than sorry! Thanks for your post! Here is a link to the offer that I received from Amex via email.

    • Wow. I wonder if that is legit. Best not to enter credit card information on any page that comes up when you click an email link. There are so many scammers out there.

  2. My husband was informed today that his Amex was used at Tim Horton’s in Canada for $50. Wondering if they would have done more if it wasn’t caught quickly.

    • I bet it was just the start. But I also think that Amex is pretty quick to respond. If you’re not in Canada very often (or at all), you shouldn’t have Tim Hortons charges there on your bill. Pretty simple to track.

    • Yes, it was $50 there and then another $50 at CVS. They were probably testing the waters, and they got shut down quickly.

  3. I have also had a fraudulent charge from Tim Horton’s in Canada. The fraudulent charge occurred in May 2015. No clue how they got my card number.

  4. Hi I’m from Canda. I was just approached by a man from Tim Horton’s Corporation trying to get me to get this card, while in Tim Horton’s. I told him I’m not interested. He kept pushing and pushing. Finally because I have heard of many problems there card has I finally said, Sir I’m not interested because I know this is a scam, how do you explain fradulent charges to the United States when they don’t leave Canada? I said well what is your response to that? He said that is not true. I told him to look it up on his tablet. He then told me to have a nice day and walked away. I think with any computer it has an internal memory, so it has everyone’s information on there. Not saying it is him but someone from that office is doing this. This is crazy and any hacker can get all your information. Just a heads up to anyone out there. DON’T GET THE VISA CARD IT IS A SCAM!!!. Here in Canada it is called double Visa one for regular Visa Credit Card, The other one For Tim Horton’s. Hope this will help get the word out.

  5. Had 16 charges for $98 each for what I assume are Card reloads on my VISA in the past ten days. They’ve basically averaged $150/day since the issue started occurring and the resolution is still TBD. Even without exchange rates and the like, I’m a little concerned.

  6. I am from Canada. Had 1 unauthorized Cineplex transaction of $9.50 (apparently testing waters because I was told that for the first transaction the 3-digit code was entered incorrectly) and then 14 unauthorized charges of $48-50 to my VISA all from “TIM HORTONS TIMCARD 866-846-22”. VISA didn’t catch it in time and when i found out it’s already 9 days after. VISA cancelled my card and open a file for claims. Will take 2-3 weeks before they confirm to reverse the fradulent charges.

  7. I just had four fraudulent transactions 95$ each TIM HORTONS TIMCARD 866 846 22
    I am from Canada…Toronto. Opened a file for claim.

  8. Yup, same thing just happened to me. Ten $98 charges from “TIM HORTONS TIMCARD 866-846-22” on my VISA. I am from Calgary, Canada.

    • Happened to me too a few days ago. I’m from Calgary as well… but my visa only had two of the $98 charges from “TIM HORTONS TIMCARD 866-846-22”

    • I had 2 for the same on my visa, i am in Windsor On plus 1 from Cineplex

  9. I just found four charges on my visa for $98 each for the same thing TIM HORTONS TIMCARD 866-846-22. Currently on hold with the bank to get it sorted out. wtf.

  10. I am from Vancouver, Canada — and these same two fraudulent charges, TIM HORTONS TIMCARD 866-846-22, for $98 and $99, on the same day (Apr 18) showed up on my Visa. Called the bank and filed a claim.

    • I am from Victoria and I just found that we were charged $490 on 5x$98 charges to Tim Hortons Timcard 866-846-22 between May 11th and 13th

    • Same thing happens here! I am from Edmonton, Alberta, and I was charged 4*98 from that Timcard account. How did you guys solve it?

    • You need to call your credit card company and report it. They’ll close that account and send you a new card. They should reverse any charges, too. Good luck.

  11. I’m from North Saanich, B.C., outside of Victoria. A caught an unauthorized charge of $98 on my Visa for a Timcard, same number as those above, and since I don’t use that restaurant I immediately phoned Visa to cancel my card. I had a long anxious wait on hold but finally got through. Visa had put a hold on my card when I initially phoned and gave my info to the prompter. Thank God! Apparently, there were several more tries to use my card while I was waiting on the phone. TD Visa has cancelled my card, will remove the $98 charge. Could have been a nightmare! I’m pretty sure my Visa info was got from a hacked account where I had just bought a book.

  12. Had 98 bucks charged five times on my visa for a Tim Horton TimCard i have never bought there. Don’t even use my visa for places like timmy;s. Called TD and cancelled my card right away. But still they have to investigate the charges. There were several calles on this matter with them. pretty confident they will take care of this problem in the next few days. I’m from Edmonton, AB area.

  13. Same happened here, five $98 charges over the long weekend. Called TD and they cancelled my card and are sending me a new one. Racking my mind trying to figure out where my information was compromised. I did recently purchase something from… Time to change all my passwords… sigh…

  14. same thing happened to me in Ottawa –
    tdVISA card, 5 x$98 charges to Tim Hortons Timcard 866-846-22, all on Jun 13. Just saw it now and am on hold with visa. The only purchase I can imagine might have been the culprit is to namecheap a couple of days prior, to renew my business domain name…

  15. Just discovered 2 fraudulent $95 charges to my corporate purchasing card (VISA) to a Tim Hortons #91 in Ohio. It is a new card that has only been in service for 2 months. Phone number listed is no longer in service. I am in Glasgow, KY and have never even heard of a Tim Hortons until this fiasco.

  16. I got a charge on my bank account from tom hortons for $15,75 and also another charge from micheal rossy for 78 cents the at the ssme time i get my account levied from the county of san digo sheriff dept which was a$ 50.00 charge the levy is in the amount of $628.00 from a collection agency in fullertion california called winn legal group i suspect that they use hackers to find you bank account and the use tim hortons or micheal rossy to see if there is money in your account because it all happened at the same time so i am just connecting the dots iwill call my lawyer mr Elliott cantor in san diego and investigate this matter and try to bring a class action law suit whoever paid hackers to get mony out of my account and make bogus charges from canada from this tim hortons and also using tge name micheal rossy any the levy is also fraudulent from the dept collector the winn group law firm from fullertion california i have a very powerful attorney that is well connected. If i find out that the winn group law firm is connected in any way in this unscrupulous practice of hiring hackers to take money out of your bank account fraudulently then they will be taken to court for a class action law suit.

  17. I live in Vermont. Just had 2 fraudulent charges at Tim Horton on my Master Card debit card yesterday both for $95. Bizarre. How does this happen? Land why Tim Hortons?

  18. Moi aussi j’ai été fraudé pour 360$ aujourdhui, 2×100$ , 1×150$ et 1x 10$. Par Tim Hortons. J’habite au Quebec et j’ai récemment fait un achat chez ! fucking asshole

    Translation from Google Translate:
    I too was defrauded for $ 360 today, 2×100 $, 1×150 $ and 1x $ 10. By Tim Hortons. I live in Quebec and I recently made a purchase at

  19. Same thing happened to my mother on 09/10/2017 for 59.00 and 69.98 for TIM HORTON IN BUFFALO, NY A RESTAURANT and then A HEARING AID CLINIC NAME CONNECTHEARING IN FLORIDA all back to back charges from 09/09/2017-09/11/2017!!

  20. Oliver, BC. $139.03 of charges on Sept 15, 16 & 18. All transactions occurred at the same Tim’s in Kingston, ON. Password was changed on my account and 6 reviews of transaction history were logged in the account. Tim’s refused to do anything other than freeze the account, saying any further investigation or reimbursement would have to be done by the linked Credit Card – VISA – who said it was Tim Horton’s responsibility. The card has never left my wallet except to pay at the drive-thru. No more Tims for me!

  21. Hi, I’m in Vietnam and never been abroad before. I suddenly woke up this morning and find out my card got charged at midnight for CAD $100 at Tim Hortons! This is so crazy!

  22. I had the same thing happen to me on Nov. 14th, 5 charges for $50 each debited from my TD Visa Debit card and all from Timhorton’s. My bank cancelled my card and gave me a new one, now I have to wait a few days for my money to be put back on my account. Someone is making good money over the years with this scam..

  23. I live in India, in Bangalore. Today i was debited Indian Rupees 2969 ( ~ 42USD ) 5 times in a span of 15 minutes. Total amount stolen is about USD. 210 . I rang up my bank and immediately blocked my card. The transaction says ECOM PUR/TIM HORTONS/OAKVILLEL6K/

    If this is happening so frequently at TIM HORTONS why is no action being Taken?

    • Good question.

      What amazes me is that more than FOUR YEARS after writing about this, people are STILL coming to report the same problem. Why isn’t this being fixed?

  24. This is completely unacceptable. Tim Hortons should do something about this. I will tell my banc no to accept any tim hortons transactions from now on.

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