Unfinished business stirs my subconscious mind.

This morning I was awakened by my mother-in-law’s voice calling for help. I hurried to her. She was lying in the bed I occasionally shared with my ex-husband, her son, in our Wickenburg home, propped up on some pillows. She was talking on a speaker phone to her daughter, Suzie. She wanted me to tell Suzie something.

I never found out what. The whole thing was a dream. When I woke, I woke from that dream to find myself in my own bed in my current home 1200 miles away.

My mother-in-law, Julia, is dead. She died earlier this summer. No one in my ex-husband’s family had the common decency to tell me that the woman I’d known for 30 years had passed away. I found out through a mutual friend.

I know my husband lied to his mother about the end of our relationship. I know he painted me as an evil monster who ruined his life and abandoned him in Arizona. I know he told her that because that’s what he believes. It’s part of the delusions that drove him into the arms of the desperate old woman — his new mommy — who he now lives with. It’s part of the delusions that drove him to subject me to mental abuse, unreasonable demands, and harassment during our year-long divorce process. He believes this to be true so he tells his friends and family members.

Anyone with knowledge of the facts, however, knows better.

I wanted to say goodbye to Julia but wasn’t allowed to. When I sent her a birthday gift for her 90th birthday last September — a framed photograph of me and her son taken many years ago that I know she admired — I was accused by my ex-husband of “harassing his family members.” So I never contacted her again.

And then she died.

I tried to get some closure with a blog post written to her. But she’s dead. I don’t believe in heaven and hell so I don’t believe she knows what really happened or can read, from beyond the grave, what I wrote. She never knew the truth.

Why does it matter to me? I’m trying to understand that. It could be because of how I value the truth.

I know how he lied to her and “bent the truth” for the last five or more years of her life. To protect her, he’d say. I know that he did the same to me — although I didn’t realize the extent of his lies until much later. I don’t understand how a person could lie to someone he claims to love. I don’t understand how a relationship can be expected to survive when its fabric is punched with holes created by untruths.

But then again, our relationship didn’t survive. He saw to that by signing up for an online dating service only a week after I left for my summer job last year and moving in with the first woman who would sleep with him. Asking for a divorce came later.

I wonder if he remembers that chain of events as well as I do? Whether he was honest with any of his friends and family members about how he betrayed his life partner of 29 years?

I wonder how much he still lies and who he lies to.

But most of all, I wonder how many of those lies he believes. How far his delusions have taken him. Whether he wakes in the morning feeling the overwhelming hate he must have for me — nothing else could explain his actions over the past year or so — and how much that drives him.

But I’ll never know because I’ll never get a chance to ask. His mommy won’t let him talk to me.

And that’s a good thing. Clearly, the man I loved is dead and buried — killed as a result of a mental illness that drove him to madness and an odd form of suicide. The man who looks like him is a foul impostor I have no desire to hear from.

That’s my closure: knowing that that the man I loved is gone for good.

2 thoughts on “Closure

  1. I am in that situation with my ex as well — so many lies and untruths. Those who actually know me know the truth, but those who don’t… well… and family members are another matter.

    I had to learn a tough lesson during and after my divorce that I had to truly learn how to let go of all that garbage. It was a process that took persistence, some helpful therapy, and diligence. It’s not easy, and even now it hits me again now and then, especially when my ex pulls another of his stupid ploys on me and harasses me again.

    At any rate, I suspect your dream is just part of the process of dealing with all that you’ve been through, working through it all, and gradually letting go, too. It takes time, although I wish it didn’t. I wish we could just close the book and toss out the book.

    I think dreams can be a good way at times of tapping into stuff and helping us work through whatever it is that may need our attention.

    • Garbage. It IS a lot of garbage. I feel filthy dealing with him and his mommy trying to drag me down to their level. If its not some sort of mental problem, as I believe, they’re nothing more than lying lowlife scum. I consider myself lucky that I don’t have to deal with him on a one-to-one basis. That would be very painful and annoying indeed.

      Dreams are weird. When remembered, they reveal what’s going on in your subconscious. Fortunately, I don’t usually remember my dreams. I’d prefer to deal with things on a conscious level than to worry about what my brain is going in the background.

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