Land of Wildflowers

Something new is blooming every time I visit my future home.

As I blogged earlier in the week, I spent some time on the Cathedral Rock Road lot I plan to build my home in Malaga, WA. I wanted to measure out the footprint for my building and put in marked stakes at each corner. It would help me visualize where the building would go and how much space it would take up.

The 48 x 50 building looked tiny on the 10-acre lot. So I decided to make it bigger: 60 x 50. That’ll give me room for a good sized shop bench and storage beside the RV and helicopter.

I’d been texting earlier in the day with my friend Tom, who keeps bees in Vermont. That conversation continued, even when I was walking around, pounding stakes with red ribbons into the ground. I mentioned that I wished I was able to set my bees up on the lot now because there were plenty of flowers around. He wondered how many hives the area would support. I hadn’t given it any thought. But it also got me wondering about how many different kinds of flowers there were right there.

Not having anything pressing to do, I took out my camera and started shooting quick photos of the different kinds of flowers I saw. I thought I’d share them here, mostly to document them. I might do the same thing in a month and then again in two months. It’ll be interesting to build a history of flowers, especially since my bees will soon be depending on them for nutrition while they make me honey and wax.

So here are the photos.

Tiny Yellow Flowers Tiny White Flowers
Purple Flowers Big Purple Flowers
White Flowers White & Yellow Flowers
Yellow Flowers Lupine

This is just what I saw that day, while walking around. There were different flowers earlier in the season and I suppose there will be different flowers later in the season.

If so, I’ll show them off here.

4 thoughts on “Land of Wildflowers

    • Definitely! There are literally HUNDREDS of acres of orchards well within 3 miles: cherries, apples, pears, and apricots. Also wine grapes, which bloom a bit later. There are no trees on my lot (sadly) but there’s a lot of sage and I’m sure that flowers sometime. There are also various types of pine trees within range. So there’s plenty for them to forage on.

  1. Lovely flowers!

    I also suspect some research on wildflowers and native plants, etc. for your area that bees love would help, too, since you could eventually plant accordingly for your bees as well as just looking nice. But maybe you’re already doing this or have it on your list as you go along with brainstorming for your upcoming property.

    Love all the flowers. What a wonderful adventure and new chapter in your life. :-)

    • I’m looking for a wildflower book for the area. Coming up empty so far. I think a trip to one of the few remaining local bookstores is in order. I know there’s one in Chelan; should be one in Wenatchee somewhere.

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