The New Blog

A fresh start on a new life.

I decided to start a brand new blog today — a place where I can document the new things in my life: my new home, activities, friends, and lovers.

I won’t be abandoning this blog — I’ll keep posting about the usual things. But I will use the new blog to post information about the new things I’m doing to move forward in my life as I finish up my divorce and leave behind the man I loved for 29+ years.

The new blog will remain pretty much private until the divorce is finalized. A few of my close friends will get the URL. If you want the URL, contact me.

I’m looking forward to working on this new project and documenting my new life. I hope you’ll join me there.

9 thoughts on “The New Blog

    • Yes, look for an email. And I was pleased, too. I was at a friend’s business and people I’d met in the past came by. They all remembered me by name. I need to start remembering their names!

  1. I’d love to follow your new blog, I’ve been following this one for years, since I took a WordPress class from you on Wishing you well in all you do.

    • I’m rethinking this right now…not really terribly interested in maintaining two personal blogs. I feel as if my divorce posts, which are sad and angry, are polluting An Eclectic Mind. But they’re a part of my life these days. I suspect that I’ll just merge the new blog — which, admittedly, has less content right now than I’d hoped — with this one in the near future. The new, more upbeat posts should help wash the filth of my dirty divorce away.

      So bear with me. And thanks for your kind words and support.

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