Things That Made Me Happy, April 17, 2013

Overall, life is good.

Here are a few things that made me happy today:

  • Seeing how cute Penny looked standing on the front passenger seat with her front legs on the window sill as the police officer assured me, through the half-open passenger window, that the 55 mile per hour sign did indeed apply to me.
  • Not getting a ticket from the police officer mentioned above, despite the fact that I admitted driving 70 miles per hour.
  • Seeing herds of wild horses grazing on surprisingly green high desert grass.
  • Getting a Mexican ice cream pop when I stopped for gas.
  • Seeing giant windmills in a row, spinning in unison against a blue sky.
  • Driving a long distance, despite having a cold, and arriving at my destination — a place I love but haven’t been to in a long time — with enough time to settle in for the night.

One thought on “Things That Made Me Happy, April 17, 2013

  1. I so enjoy reading your blogs. It is refreshing that there are others that can write about their thoughts and experiences the way i would. I will share a moment that i had recently that almost brought me to tears. You see, i am a driver and a few weeks ago, i was driving along and i saw a flock of birds, probably 12 of them, that dipped down in front of my vehicle and quickly floated away. I was driving at about 45 mph and a few seconds later, that same flock, dipped down in front of me again but in the other direction. As they seemed to float away again, i was happily surprised when they changed direction and flew once again in front of me. It seemed as though they were entertaining me with their dance. It was the most amazing thing i had ever seen. I was for the moment, in total awe of this most graceful display of life in play. I dont know how else to describe it. I am not religious but i must say, i felt like it was a godly gift for my pleasure and it made my heart swell.

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