Paypal Watch Receipt Scam

This one almost fooled me.

Will the phishing never stop? This email message, which looked remarkably legitimate to me, thanks me for sending $149.49 to a stranger for the purchase of a watch.

Paypal Watch Purchase Scam

I first received it on my iPad, which does not allow me to see where a link points to without clicking it. On my iMac, however, pointing to the link revealed that it went to a php script on a website that was definitely not PayPal.

Remember — if a suspicious email arrives, resist the urge to click a link in it. Instead, go directly to the site purportedly sending the message by typing its URL in your browser’s address bar. In this case, I simply went to, logged into my account, and checked to see if a transaction had really been processed. Of course, it had not. The whole thing was a scam.

4 thoughts on “Paypal Watch Receipt Scam

  1. Shouldn’t PayPal have notified me of this? I guess that they get so many scams that they don’t want to scare customers away with constant emails.

    • I don’t think they notify us of a fraction of the scams out there. And, if they did, I’d likely suspect their email was just another scam. ;-)

      BTW, I know a very nice little old man who was taken in by a Paypal scam. They got into his bank account. It was enough to scare him off Paypal for about two years.

  2. I have had this same email three times now – all for the watch but saying I’ve sent payment to different people. It does look very real but as I know I’ve not purchased anything through paypal for months I knew it was a phising scam. I’ve not opened any of the links in it and forwarded all of them onto BUT it is worrying and I wish that paypal would acknowledge receipt of my emails to them and that they are taking action. I am considering cancelling my account.

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