A Message to Vertical Reference Trolls

I haven’t looked at this and don’t plan to — I have enough on my mind defending myself from personal attacks hurled at me regularly by my husband and his girlfriend — but it’s likely another example of the immature bullshit going on in the forums:


Two people, so far, have tipped me off to this. I refuse to stoop to this guy’s level to defend myself against personal attacks done behind my back in public — likely by someone too cowardly to provide his own name. I don’t feed trolls. I can only imagine that it’s the work of the guy who called me last week, out of the blue, expecting me to tell him everything he needed to know to compete with me for cherry drying contracts in the Wenatchee area — and got pissed off when I refused to provide him with contract rate and terms information or offer him a job.

Tell me, does this kind of crap really serve the helicopter community? Is this kind of behavior really worth the website hits it attracts?

Apparently, Rotorcraft Professional, which runs this forum and allows this sort of behavior thinks so. Makes me wonder how “professional” the publication really is.

6 thoughts on “A Message to Vertical Reference Trolls

  1. As we do with our dogs when they exhibit rude behavior and kids who throw temper tantrums: Ignore!
    Not feeding cowardly trolls is spot on! I wish all would adopt this policy and starve them out.

    • Starve them out indeed! I just wish that organizations would moderate their public forums — especially organizations with the word “professional” in their names. Who knows how many real professional pilots (other than me, of course) are staying clear of their brand because of the lack of professionalism in their forums?

  2. The person that went after you is the infamous FH1100pilot, aka Bob Barbanes. He also devoted an entire blog post to you a while back. To say he’s got some issues is putting it mildly…

    • Trolls will be trolls. Some people simply aren’t happy unless they’re either bashing or picking a fight with someone. It’s the nature of the Internet to let them do it anonymously. Or what they think is anonymously. Sad that some people can’t make and live their own life.

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