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I might not be “cooking” since I returned home, but I am keeping busy in the kitchen.

I’ve been back home just over a month now. I haven’t done much cooking — frankly, I’m eating out so often with friends and bringing leftovers home that I have no need to cook. I like cooking, but cooking a meal for one just isn’t much fun.

But I don’t mind fooling around in the kitchen to make other things. A week or two ago, I made a double batch of my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for the folks at Peachpit Press, who just moved into new offices in San Francisco. They were apparently well-received.

The other day, my friend Tammy posted a recipe on her blog, Happenings on the Hill, for homemade yogurt. It sounded very easy. Since I’ve been consuming quite a bit of yogurt these days, I figured I’d give it a try. I successfully made a quart-sized batch on Monday; when that runs out, I’ll do it again. So easy!

Today's Breakfast
Today’s breakfast: homemade yogurt with pumpkin granola and a few fresh raspberries.

A few days later, Tammy posted a recipe for pumpkin granola, which she suggested as an accompaniment to the yogurt. With main ingredients of oats and almonds, how could I resist? I made a batch this morning. Because of my limited collection of baking pans, I had to modify the recipe a bit to ensure the granola dried out properly while baking. The results are yummy.

If you like to make good, healthy food from scratch, I recommend Tammy’s blog. You won’t find those crazy involved recipes that are so easy to screw up. Instead, you’ll find simple recipes for good, healthy food. And if you try any of them, be sure to leave a comment on the recipe post there to let Tammy know how you did.

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