Clothes Shopping in my Own Closet

Building a new wardrobe from an old one.

I returned to Wickenburg on Saturday and after a few minor difficulties getting into the house — a long story to be covered in the future sometime — settled down and began cleaning up the detritus of a 29-year relationship with a man who has become a stranger to me. Fortunately, he has at least one other place to live and, indeed, has already moved out. So Penny and I pretty much have the house to ourselves.

Folks who follow my blog know that I’ve been dieting all summer. I’m still losing weight — mostly because stress has taken away my appetite and keeps me on edge. The total weight loss so far is 38 pounds. That’s about 19% of my starting body weight. So I guess you can say I’m 81% of the woman I was in May.

I bought some new clothes in Washington and donated my “fat clothes” to Goodwill. But I didn’t bring all my clothes back to Wickenburg. The reason: I had a bunch of old clothes stored away in my closet — clothes from when I was thin.

Pants Outfit
This dressy pants outfit fits better than ever before.

Over the past three days, I’ve been trying on old clothes and shifting them from the back of the closet to the front. Yesterday morning, I tackled the jeans and slacks. I’d pull a pair of pants out of the closet, check the size, and then try them on. Then I’d walk into the bathroom where there’s a big mirror, and I’d check out the fit. And every single time, I’d say to myself, “I can’t fucking believe it.”

You see, with the exception of one skirt and a few pairs of jeans, I was able to get my body into every single item I tried on.

Including a denim skirt I’d made from an embroidered pair of jeans when I was in eighth grade.

In many cases, the clothes I tried on were too big. They went into the Goodwill pile. The clothes that fit got rehung on hangars at the front of the closet. Those few items that were too small — well, I’ll hold onto them just in case I keep shrinking.

Cocktail Dress
I don’t think I ever actually wore this dress. I think it was too small from the day I bought it.

Yesterday afternoon, I started on the dress clothes. I took the size 14/16 Lane Bryant dress — you ladies know what I’m talking about — off the hangar and bundled it up for my mom. Didn’t even bother trying it on — I know I’d be swimming in it. (It’s going to be very long on my mother.) I found a slacks outfit with a cute little short jacket and put the jacket on — 10 years of age fell off me. It looked sharp! And that little cocktail dress I wanted to get into? No problemo! Can’t wait to start wearing it on dates.

I continued going through clothes this morning and will likely continue tomorrow. It’s not just the closet — which I’m almost finished with — but it’s the dresser drawers and the storage bins under the bed. There’s just so much of it.

Short Black Skirt
A wardrobe essential: a short black skirt. I have four of them.

What I’m really glad about, however, is that I didn’t do this last year. I almost did several times, but the task was too daunting. If I’d done it, however, I would have thrown away the skinny clothes and then I’d have nothing that fit me now!

At this point, my car trunk and front passenger seat are completely filled with bags and laundry baskets full of clothes and old purses for the local thrift shop. I’ll drop them off on my way out of town this afternoon. (I’m heading down to the mall to get a makeup consultation and then have dinner with a singles meetup group.)

The best thing about this shopping spree? It didn’t cost me a thing.

11 thoughts on “Clothes Shopping in my Own Closet

  1. You look great, Maria. Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t lose too much. That can sabotage your efforts. It once did mine. Keep up the great work. You will have many invitations for cocktails, I’m sure. All the best!

    • Thanks, Mike. Frankly, my appetite just isn’t what it was. Went out with a Meetup group tonight and ate only half a “light fare” meal. I’ll finish it tomorrow for lunch. I expect that I’ll be down another 5-10 pounds before there’s no fat left to lose. I’m signing up for the gym here in town tomorrow so I can work on my muscle tone this winter.

  2. I’ve been following your story. I have been through divorce as well. I am sorry for the pain you are experiencing, but glad to see your spirits have been a little more lifted recently. You can endure this and will be happy again soon. You look beautiful! The black skirt/red blouse is especially pretty on you.

    • Thanks very much. I have good days and bad days. Today was a good day. Yesterday wasn’t. It all balances out. Red and black always looked good on me; I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of that outfit when I start dating again.

  3. You don’t just look like you’ve lost 38 pounds. It also looks like you’re shedding at least 150 more in guilt trips and unsupportive douchebaggery. That’s got to feel pretty good.

    The red and black is the winner here. You’re glowing a little. :)

    • Thanks so much AnnMarie. I know you’re right, but it’s hard to let go under the circumstances. 29 years is a long time with the same man. Even the pain he’s caused me isn’t enough to make me hate him.

      As for the outfits — well, red and black have always done well for me. My post about my Glamour Shots photo shoot — with some professional photos — can be found here: I used the red and black outfit in the shoot; still waiting for those pictures on CD.

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