Pity for the Foolish

Even grown men can make dumb decisions.

This morning, as the sun rose and broke through the scattered clouds leftover from last night’s storms, I watched in awe as the golden light played on the orchard-studded hills across the canyon from where I’m living. The scene was so beautiful it almost brought me to tears.


But, at the same time, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of pity for my soon-to-be ex-husband.

Yes, I might be living in an RV parked on a remote hillside right now, but he’s living in a city subdivision, in a dark house surrounded by walls with a puny backyard barely big enough for our dog. And while I’m listening to my neighbor’s rooster crowing, he’s listening to the sounds of cars and the occasional siren and his neighbors slamming doors or shouting. I’ll be going out shortly on a walk to pick fresh blueberries for my mid-morning snack while my little dog Penny runs free in the orchard; he’ll be driving around in city traffic or maybe taking our poor dog for a walk along the curb in the subdivision on a leash. I’ll fly this afternoon and make some money. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll take the boat out on the Columbia River or take a hike along a creek or drive up to Chelan for some wine tasting.

Nature is right outside my door and I’m in it every day, enjoying every bit of it, working when there’s work to do, playing when there isn’t. I live well within my means so I don’t have to be a slave to someone else. But he’s caught up in the rat race, abandoning the financial security of our life together — or even his own life alone — to take on the responsibilities of a virtual stranger.

The saddest part of it all is that his current job gives him the ability to live anywhere.

He could have been here with me. I asked him to come. But someone else caught his eye and he forgot all about his 29-year investment in our relationship.

I think he would have really liked here. But it’s too late. He’s stepped into a trap and it’s sprung closed.

How can I help but pity him?

What do you think?