Dog is My Co-Pilot

And here’s the picture to prove it.

Penny and I flew from our Wenatchee Heights base to Lake Chelan, WA (shown here) to Coeur d’Alene, ID and back yesterday to help a friend reposition his helicopter. Penny is now a seasoned helicopter pilot, having logged about 6 hours of cross-country flying. The sound and vibration doesn’t seem to bother her. She sleeps most of the trip, getting up for a look only when the helicopter drops out of cruise flight or lands.

This is a frame grab from my GoPro “cockpit cam,” which shot video for the entire flight from Wenatchee Heights to Chelan.

Dog Is My Co-Pilot

By request; a larger frame from the video.

4 thoughts on “Dog is My Co-Pilot

  1. That’s a great capture! My little pooch runs in the bedroom when the TV in the livingroom is a little too loud. I don’t think he would do well in a helicopter, but I might try putting earplugs in and going for it. Ha!

    • The Dalmatian I had years ago was also bothered by sounds — but I think that’s because he was exposed to fireworks at a very young age. I bought “mutt muffs” for Penny, but will be returning them because she just won’t wear them. Will likely get some disposable foam earplugs for her. If that doesn’t work, cotton balls.

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