Aerial Views of Cherry Drying by Helicopter

A video clip.

I am particularly proud of this little video clip — mostly because it was my very first attempt to video another helicopter drying cherries.

While this might not seem like a big deal, understand a few things:

  • The camera, a GoPro Hero2, was mounted on the helicopter.
  • The only way to point the camera was to point the helicopter.
  • There was no video monitor in the helicopter to see what the camera was seeing.

So while it’s true that you can get much better footage from a helicopter, this is pretty damn good for the setup I had.

I especially like the footage I got as I flew around the target helicopter, keeping my helicopter’s nose pointed at it. I was about 150-200 feet up, slowly hovering sideways to get it. So glad it wasn’t windy.

Anyway, enough patting myself on the back. Here’s the clip:

4 thoughts on “Aerial Views of Cherry Drying by Helicopter

  1. Great video, Maria. The sharpness of the HD Pro is amazing. And yes, pat yourself on the back for some great flying. Very impressive.

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