Move Over, Reindeer! Santa’s Got a New Sled

I take the honorable Mr. Claus by helicopter to meet his adoring fans.

Yesterday, I had an unusual gig: I had to fly Santa Claus for an appearance at the Deer Valley Airport Restaurant in north Phoenix.

Santa asked me to take the door off. He has a thing about waving to his fans as the helicopter approaches. It also makes it easier for him to get out.

Let’s face it: Santa is a big guy. I bet he eats like it’s Christmas all year ’round at his place. But surprisingly, those inches didn’t translate to pounds. He weighed in at 180; it was almost as if that big belly of his was as light as a feather pillow.

Anyway, here are two shots from the flight. My husband was on the restaurant’s rooftop patio and recorded our approach and landing.

Santa's New Sled

Santa's Departure

4 thoughts on “Move Over, Reindeer! Santa’s Got a New Sled

  1. What fun! Do you know about another aviation holiday tradition, the NORAD Santa tracker? It had its origins in a misprinted phone number in a holiday ad. I remember listening to the news “bulletins” on the radio in the 60s; it’s been online for a few years now.

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