Wild Horses: Two Views from Above

Two frame grabs from the camera system on my helicopter.

Thought I’d share these in a quick post, mostly to archive them here for the future.

Last Tuesday, I went flying with two GoPro Hero cameras set up and shooting video. (Yes, I know I am a dork.) One was the designated “nose cam” on the nose of the helicopter and the other was the designated “cockpit cam” inside the cabin of the helicopter. I shared some of the video from that flight’s nose cam here. I also shared a few still images on Twitter.

Today, I finally got around to looking at the cockpit cam video. The trouble with the positioning of that camera is that if the sun is behind the helicopter — which is the best angle for the nose cam — the camera exposes for the inside of the cockpit and the view outside the windows is overexposed. If the sun is in front of the helicopter, the glare through the windows highlights every single defect in the plexiglas and makes the view difficult to see. So the best light is side lighting, which is also pretty good for the nose cam.

I flew for an hour and didn’t feel like spending a hour looking at video today. So I just hopped around the footage, looking for a nice view to share. And guess what I found? The same view of wild horses that I’d shared on Twitter the other day from the nose cam.

I thought it might be interesting to present them together. Here are the two shots. There are four horses on the left side of the river in the water and another on the riverbank nearby.

Wild Horses, as seen from nose cam

Wild Horses, as seen from Inside Cockpit

I saw so many wild horses on that flight that, for a few minutes, I thought about offering a Wild Horses Tour through Flying M Air. But no, this is a treat I’d prefer to keep as a bonus for my existing tours in the area.

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