Dear Amazon: Exactly How is THIS Prime?

I know how to use a calendar; do the folks at understand what “two days” means?

A few years ago, I bought into an Prime membership. For $79/year, I get “free two-day shipping” on items that qualify for Amazon Prime. Almost everything I buy qualifies.

Today, I needed to order an extra long iPad 2 charging cable and an SD card. I got on Amazon, added the items to my cart, making sure they were marked “Prime,” and checked out. Note the last screen before I completed the checkout process:

This isn't Prime

Today is November 2. Two days from now is November 4. Seven days — or five business days — from now is November 9.

It says Prime. I paid for Prime. I paid for 2-day shipping.

Why is this item delayed?

So now I’m faced with a dilemma: do I blow it off and just settle for something less than I paid for or do I waste an hour of my life with the frustration that would result from contacting

What would you do?

5 thoughts on “Dear Amazon: Exactly How is THIS Prime?

    • Yep, that’s what I did. I think that’s why I have high blood pressure — I can’t seem to let things go when I know they’re wrong.

      Their response was that the item wasn’t in stock. But as you can see from the screenshot, it says it’s “In Stock.” So Amazon is just full of **it.

  1. Did you make sure that your items were “Sold by” Amazon or at least sold by another company and “Fulfilled by Amazon”? From my experience, the two-day free Prime shipping typically doesn’t pertain to items that aren’t “Sold” or “Fulfilled” by Amazon. And sometimes the ETA is wrong too — check your tracking number. Good luck!

    • Yes. You can see it noted that way in the screenshot (if it’s legible enough). “Fulfilled by Amazon” and “Prime” were noted beside each item. I’ve been doing this for a while; I know what to look for. But thanks.

  2. It’s 2 day shipping, but I think that means 2 days from when it leaves their warehouse. If it takes 3 days for them to locate the item, box it, and contact UPS then it would actually be 5 days from when you purchased it (if that makes sense). It’s misleading, I know.

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