Stay Tuned

First, I need to thank Lorelle for sending her site visitors here. I really appreciate the nice things she said about me.

Unfortunately, due to an extremely hectic travel schedule, I’ve been neglecting this blog — so there’s nothing new of interest to read! How embarrassing.

I hope any first-time visitors aren’t too disappointed. Try back in a week or two; I hope to be back up to speed. I definitely have lots to blog about. I just need time in front of a computer to get it written.

2 thoughts on “Stay Tuned

  1. Hey Maria-
    Welcome back! I saw Mike today at the dentist office, and I walked right by him before he was kind enough to say, “Hey- are you blind!” Ha! he looked great- i guess the travels around Washington did him good. Hoipe all is well. We’ll have to do dinner some time! All the best…..

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