Internet Trolls Impress NOBODY

Sound familiar?

I think the second and fourth panels on this excellent comic strip by Scott Meyer can easily be applied to Internet trolls — you know, the dickwads who always have something nasty to say in online forums and in comment threads. Do read the whole thing to get the full message.

How to Impress NOBODY

Image embedded with the author’s permission.

4 thoughts on “Internet Trolls Impress NOBODY

  1. I have avoided perusing helicopter pilot forums for the past few years because I am embarrassed to be associated with the internet trolls who leave comments on these sites.
    I tried to convince myself that the nasty ,childish comments are not from actual pilots but the degree of technical sophistication from the commentators identifies them as pilots or mechanics. These are pilots that I would not care to listen to or associate with but unfortunately they met the minimum qualification at least to get licensed as a pilot.It is disappointing.

    • I think the guys — and they are almost all male — in helicopter forums are among the worst. Do you know what bothers me most? The armchair debates on the cause of an accident. They read an article in the paper or see something on the news and with a few rumors and a photo, they’re coming up with all the answers to what caused the crash. They’re done discussing it and have all the answers before the preliminary NTSB reports are out! And some of the things they say are completely outrageous.

      I participated in Just Helicopters for a short time. I saw so much crap — quite a bit of which was thrown my way — that I had my account deleted. Hell, why would anyone submit themselves to such bull? These guys need to seriously consider getting real lives.

      Almost as bad: comments on some YouTube videos. Sheesh.

  2. I dislike internet trolls too. I have stopped visiting some forums for that reason as well.

    Thanks for sharing ‘Basic Instructions’, I read a few of them and am now hooked! Trying to read all of his comics will now comsume the majority of the time I am spending on the internet.

    • I’m also hooked on Basic Instructions. I follow the strip regularly in my RSS feed reader. I love that kind of snarky yet inoffensive humor.

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